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June 30, 2020 Video Interview with Michael Miller

August 28, 2020 Second Video Interview with Michael Miller

September 16, 2020 3rd Video Interview with Michael Miller

CAI hires young rabbi as director of learning-June 2, 2011

Meet Rabbi Ben Herman-July 1, 2011

Journey to Promised Land Not Without Pitfalls-June 15, 2012

Month of Nisan Time for Renewal-March 8, 2013

Douglas Jewish Cemetary Evokes Pioneer Past-October 24, 2013

Engagement Announcement-March 28, 2014

Engagment Announcement-April 1, 2014

JJC Goes West for Young Rabbi-April 2, 2014

Everyone Counts-May 22, 2014

The Jericho Jewish Center Names Ben Herman as New Rabbi-July 3, 2014

New Rabbi in Jericho-July 6, 2014

Asking the Clergy: How to Foster Harmony in a Multi-Religious Household November 6, 2014

Asking the clergy-What does your faith offer those who are religiously unaffiliated

Asking the Clergy-Feeling Left Out During Christmas Season December 11, 2015

Asking the Clergy-Why is there Singing in religious services May 14, 2016

asking-the-clergy-can-science-and-faith-coexist-September 3, 2016

Asking the Clergy How Can We Continue to Honor Deceased Family Members-April 12, 2017

Asking the Clergy: How Does Helping the Less Fortunate Enrich Your Faith Journey-September 10, 2017

Asking the Clergy: Was the Universe Really Created in a Week?-December 16, 2017

Asking the Clergy: What is the Significance of Food During Passover-March 25, 2018

Asking the Clergy: Why/How are the Faithful Called to Help the Poor-June 3, 2018

Asking the Clergy: How Can Faith Assuage the Fear of Death?-October 14, 2018

Ask the Clergy: How Does Your Faith Prepare Couples for Marriage-March 7, 2019

Miami Area Rabbi Envisions Innovative Programming-August 6, 2019

New Rabbi Encourages Spiritual Discovery at Bet Shira Congregation-August 13, 2019

Rabbi Herman Plans Series of Fall Events at Bet Shira-August 27, 2019

For Those Spiritual and Not Religious-September 17, 2019

Shades of Gray in a Black and White World-December 4, 2019

Finding Strength in Faith, Family During Pandemic-August 30, 2020

Rabbi: What we try to do for the mourners at Surfside (Opinion) – CNN-July 11, 2021

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