Never Again to Radical Islam?

When we as a people say “Never Again?” what does that mean? It is so easy for those of my generation to believe those are words from the past that do not apply to us today. After all, we live a comfortable existence in America. Most of us, including myself, can count on one hand (if at all) the number of anti-Semitic incidents we have faced in our lifetime.

This is what makes the current situation so scary. It is easy to look at what is occurring in Israel and say “how does that relate to me?” My answer is as follows: if you enjoy all that western civilization has to offer, it relates directly to you! The war going on in Gaza is not Israel vs the Palestinians, it is the Western World versus the World of Radical Islam.

I have seen for a fact that not all Muslims are radicals. Having worked in social action partnerships with Muslim organizations in New York City and on the South Side of Chicago has proved this to me. However, those who are in control (or fighting for control) throughout the Middle East and Africa are radical Muslim leaders. This means that they do not support my right (or yours) to live in freedom. They oppose the western ideals of “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” 

Take for example the thousands of Christians and Yazidis who are being murdered by ISIS in Iraq or the hundreds of thousands who have been displaced from their homes. Take the Boko Haram (whose name means western education is forbidden) who are enslaving hundreds of Nigerian Christian girls (threatening their death if they do not convert) and killing hundreds more Nigerians. Take the 200,000 who have been killed since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War in 2011 (the Arab Spring) many of whom have been killed at the hands of radical Muslim leaders. The bottom line is hundreds of thousands are dying because they are of a different religion. 

The concept of Radical Islam is well described by Martin Kramer:

“The idea is simple: Islam must have power in this world. It is the true religion—the religion of God—and its truth is manifest in its power. When Muslims believed, they were powerful. Their power has been lost in modern times because Islam has been abandoned by many Muslims, who have reverted to the condition that preceded God’s revelation to the Prophet Muhammad. But if Muslims now return to the original Islam, they can preserve and even restore their power.” 

What this teaches is we need to stand united against the face of radical Islam, not just for Israel’s sake but for our own. Never Again must mean Never Again.

These two videos (by Christian journalists) will shed more light on the matter. Thank you to my mother-in-law Robin and to congregant Lorraine for sending them my way:

Andrew Bolt is an Australian journalist – see what he has to say.

The inimitable, wonderfully irreverent Pat Condell

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