Hiking and Halacha 3

IMG_9533 IMG_9535 IMG_9536 IMG_9548

On a beautiful fall day, 20 of us drove to Caumsett State Park for a calm, beautiful hike. On the hike we noticed the changing colors of the leaves as Fall begins to set in on Long Island. When we reached the ocean we paused to appreciate the ocean and the beauty of our natural surroundings. We also gathered “mermaid stones” on the seashore and saw some clams which had washed up on shore. We did a short teaching on the power of rain in Judaism before returning back to our cars. Caumsett is known as one of the most beautiful places on Long Island, and we most certainly discovered this to be the case on our hike! All ages were represented, from 7 to 77. We are now taking a break until the spring when we will be back to hike Bear Mountain amongst other sites.

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