Should European Jews Move to Israel?

Never one to shy away from controversial topics, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu urged French Jews to move to Israel. The question is was he right to do so? Last month our congregation raised $1250 which we gave to the Jewish Agency for Israel specifically for French Jews who were making Aliyah. However, this money was to be used for French Jews who had already chosen to make Aliyah, as opposed to actively pushing for French Jews to leave. Is there a difference between the two?

One could argue that French Jews are no longer safe due to the vitriolic anti-Semitism that has pervaded France. Unfortunately, France is not the only place facing anti-Semitism. As my former classmate and roommate Phil Weintraub sent me, there was just an anti-Semitic outbreak in Madison, Wisconsin:

The question is does the anti-Semitism that Jews are facing throughout the world justify the urging of Jews to move to Israel. On one hand, Israel is our Jewish homeland where one can safely walk around wearing a kippah or Jewish star. On the other hand, Israel faces its own dangers from its Arab neighbors. There is no truly safe place to live as a Jew.

Should we actively raise our voices for European Jews to move to Israel or is that hutzpadik to do? Your comments are appreciated.

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