Accusation of Genocide

Based on my post on Friday, one might correctly surmise that I strongly disagreed with Susan Rice’s calling Bibi Netanyahu’s speech “destructive” to the US-Israel relationship. I believe that such a speech was necessary given the grave dangers of a nuclear Iran, and I am glad that Bibi gave it. With that being said, I find deplorable the ad that “America’s Rabbi,” Shmuley Boteach, took out in the New York Times saying “Susan Rice has a blind spot: genocide.” How can a rabbi make such an outrageous accusation?! Susan Rice’s statement has NOTHING to do with perpetuating genocide against the Jewish people. Susan Rice did not stop Bibi from speaking nor is the administration’s attempt to make a deal singlehandedly going to lead to a nuclear Iran. Rabbi Shmuley went far over the line with this statement, and in my opinion anything he issues henceforth is to be discredited.

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