Lifting All Sanctions? A BIG Mistake

I strongly disagree with the agreement that the P5 +1 has made with Iran. This 10 year deal to reduce Iran’s centrifuges by 2/3, reduce its enriched uranium stockpiles and increase inspections of its nuclear facilities does not dismantle Iran’s nuclear program. Obama spoke about Iran not developing weapons-grade plutonium, the core of its reactor at Arak being dismantled and replaced, the fuel from that facility being shipped out of Iran for the life of the reactor, Iran not building a new heavy water reactor and Iran not reprocessing fuel from its existing reactors. In exchange, the world’s powers will drop their sanctions on Iran. As I have mentioned previously, I do NOT trust Iran to abide by any agreement. President Obama said this is not based off trust but rather off of verifiable information: that Iran can be effectively monitored and stopped from acquiring a nuclear bomb.

Why do I believe this? Because Iran is refusing surprise inspections and has ruled its military facilities, such as the enrichment plant at Fordo, off limits to any inspections, period. What makes you think that Iran will not continue to develop enriched uranium and weapons-grade plutonium at sites like this? What will stop Iran from secretly developing a bomb without our being aware of it? Lifting all sanctions will enable Iran to obtain the supplies it needs to build a bomb all the more quickly.

I hope that Congress will pass the Corker-Menendez Iran Nuclear Review Act, having the opportunity to review and veto such a deal before it is signed. I thanked Senator Schumer for being a co-sponsor of that act and called Senator Gillibrand’s office to urge her to co-sponsor as well. I hope that if President Obama and the P5+1 proceed forward on such an agreement that Congress will veto it-for the alternative in my view will likely be a nuclear-armed Iran.

On a separate note, I wish all Jewish readers a Happy Passover and all Christian readers a Happy Easter.

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