Putin Doing Business with Iran

When I read about Putin allowing a Russian air missile defense system to enter Iran, I started to get very concerned. With this system, Iran could deter any country that threatens to take out its nuclear reactor. Russia was one of the countries enabling the framework agreement with Iran to occur, and now Putin looks to cash in on it by selling Iran this $800 million missile defense system. The fact that Putin is offering the defense system (which he had also offered in 2007) further demonstrates to me the danger of lifting sanctions on Iran. Allowing Iran to have this system while concurrently lifting sanctions to enable them to increase their supply of weapons grade plutonium and enriched uranium is very dangerous.

I do applaud Obama for signing the revised Iran nuclear review legislation, enabling Congress to review any deal that the P5+1 make with Iran. The United States making an agreement of this magnitude should be required to have Congress’ backing.

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