Iran Invited by United States To Discuss Syria’s Future-What is Wrong Here?

Iran has already gotten its way-a deal in which sanctions against it will be lifted in exchange for nuclear centrifuges taken down, supposed inspections and verification of Iran’s nuclear program to stop Iran from getting a bomb. Now Iran appears to have gotten even more than it bargained for-an invitation to join the United States and Europe in discussions on Syria’s future. Iran, a country that back and funded Bashar Assad, who gassed over 250,000 of his own people, is being given a say at the table as to what will happen with Syria. We have been on opposite sides of the Syrian Civil War, a war which has led to hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing their homes. This has been a war of the people against an oppressive dictator and could be over after 4 long years if Iran and Russia had not bolstered Assad. By inviting the Islamic Republic of Iran, a country which imprisons and lashes people for being poets, satirists and for shaking hands with members of the opposite sex.

I’m generally a fan of bringing more voices to the table, yet my blood boils when I think of a country which sponsors terrorists and which censors the behavior of so many of its people being invited to shape the future of one of Israel’s neighbors. What’s next-inviting Iran to advise the United States on how to handle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Are we so naive as to believe that Iran’s input will be beneficial to the Syrian people rather than just further strengthening Assad’s power?

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