What I Learned from Watching Election Results

1. The top issue Americans care about is the economy. As I learned in Poli Sci 101, “Americans vote by their pocketbooks.” The pandemic was by and large the third issue exit polls showed Americans caring about, with the economy first and racial equality a distant second.

2. Things can change. I don’t view this as a repeat of 2016. It was fascinating to me to see Arizona, a state I lived in and considered very red, to have voted for Biden and now have both senators who are Democrats.

3. The “blue wall” is officially demolished. Regardless of how WI, PA and MI are called it is clear that Trump has significant support in them. As I’ve watched Arizona shift from red to blue I’ve watched Wisconsin take a shift from blue to red since 2010, a time when they had two Jewish, Democratic senators. Wisconsin is now purple and unable to be taken for granted as a Democrat state. Neither are Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The rust belt is up for grabs and very Trump heavy.

4. The Latino community in Miami Dade has shifted FL further right. This wasn’t a surprise to me. When I go running Trump signs outnumber Biden signs 10-1. It is likely there are more Biden voters who are not putting up signs but what further demonstrated this to me was the huge car rally with Trump flags and MAGA hats I saw on Sunday.

5. The polls continue to undercount Trump voters. This election as I thought is a 50-50 tossup. we shall see where it ends up but I’ll enjoy watching and of course will accept the results…WHEN ALL THE VOTES ARE COUNTED.

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