A Reply to the World

For today’s posting I am going to share my grandmother’s poem that she wrote in 1967. It rings true to this day.

A Reply To The World by Lucille Frenkel

Be still! – so speaks the World to Israel.“Be Still – accept our verdict as your fate”.And we, we peoplehood of Israel, Each one of us who calls himself a Jew, Hear in this refrain no statement new.

Be still – act not – let World decide Jews’ fate? How well we know ‘be still’ becomes ‘too late’! Our hearts resound with pleas that no one heard. For centuries, our mouths screamed out no word As we were slaughtered time on time again Awaiting conscience in our fellow men.
‘Act not’ – ‘Be still’? – six million of us were. Six million stilled within one massacre! And no one heard our shriek – our children cried In agonies of silence as they died. And now the World demands that Israel wait- How long shall Jews be passive facing hate!
“Be still” – so speaks the World to Israel. But Israel is home to Jewish soul. There is no Jew that is not Israel, Our whole of peoplehood is Israel! And as a people, peace we do pursue, Peace has always been the goal of Jew. And we would share with all, our faith in good, But World know this – let this be understood – We will fight to death through any strife To maintain the strength of Israel’s life. No more shall Jews be still – but strong, alive, We shall insist our right to but survive!

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