A Tisha B’Av Prayer

May this coming Tisha B’Av be a day when we recognize the humanity inherent in all the peoples of the world.

May it be a day where we become more tolerant of others’ actions and extend compassion unto all who we encounter.

May we refrain from sinat hinam and instead engage in ahavat hinam, full-flowing, unconditional love for our surroundings and those who surround us.

May we accept each other’s differences and value what makes them unique from us, rather than being jealous of what we do not have.

May we willingly extend lovingkindness and a desire for making the world a place in which we are proud to live.

May there be peace in our households, in our communities, in the Middle East and throughout the world.

May we take the steps forward to actively be the change we want to see in the world.

May we be true to ourselves, to our beliefs and to those who we care about deeply in our lives.

May this be our prayer. Amen.

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