Friday Night Live

At Jericho Jewish Center, we had our first Friday Night Live service, featuring piano played by Flo Baumonel and Religious School student Ben Rosner. The energy and enthusiasm shown by the 100+ participants and the feel-good nature of the service was wonderful to be a part of, in addition to the spirited singing of Cantor Barry Black and Samantha Eller. It was a great kick-off to the Religious School year and really made Shabbat come to life for our congregation.

Services began after sunset, so I do not have any pictures from the event. However, I will provide pictures of our Hiking and Halacha and Apples and Honey Tasting, both of which will occur tomorrow.

An outstanding facet of the Friday evening was that we had two services: a traditional one at 6:45 pm and our Friday Night Live at 7:45 pm. This reflects the “Tradition and Change” motto of the Conservative Movement. Some went to both services to support both, which was touching to see. We also had a festive Shabbat dinner before the Friday Night Live service sponsored by !jake’s Mens Club.

We will continue Friday Night Live throughout the year, next doing it on Friday November 14. Our goal is to provide additional options for congregants who are not engaged by our traditional offerings. Each service will be varied, so as not to become predictable, yet will have the same goal of providing an engaging, positive experience for all who attend. Through services such as this, we will bring Shabbat to life.

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