Hiking and Halacha 2

IMG_9248 IMG_9281 IMG_9307 IMG_9279 IMG_9298 IMG_9302 IMG_9251 IMG_9267


25 congregants of various ages at the Jericho Jewish Center went on an advanced hike to Cold Spring Harbor, the start of the Greenbelt Trail which goes from Northern to Southern Long Island. This is known as the most challenging hike on Long Island, and everyone did great with the challenging uphills and slopes! We had a short teaching on blessings said over plants, herbs and fruit-including the blessing said upon smelling the etrog! There was a consensus from the group to do another hike when the leaves change in the fall, so we will try to do one after the holidays.

Now off to Waldbaums for our Apples and Honey Tasting. Busy weekend here at the Jericho Jewish Center!


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