UN Peacekeepers Seek Refuge in Israel: A Double Standard

The media coverage regarding Operation Protective Edge got me very upset, but even more upsetting to me was an article in today’s Newsday about UN Peacekeepers fleeing Syria for Israel. These are the same peacekeepers who represent an organization that jumps to cry “War Crime!” every time Israel acts. If Israel is such a heinous country committing atrocities, why seek refuge there? It’s because the UN deep down knows the truth: Israel is far more humanitarian than any other country in the Middle East. It is a country where one will not be beheaded for being of a different religion, nor gassed with chemical weapons for having a different political viewpoint. I just wish the UN would not follow a double standard at condemning Israel at any given chance while concurrently viewing Israel as a haven from war.

For a few more interesting links, please see the below (sent to me by congregants). The first is a speech by Brother Rachid educating President Obama about Islam. The second is Yair Lapid’s speech at Platform 17 Memorial Site in Berlin. The third is a song by Israeli band Latma about having faith in the Higher Power watching over the Land of Israel.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxzOVSMUrGM Brother Rachid

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTBhPsxKLaI Yair Lapid

http://israelforever.org/interact/multimedia/Video/we_will_never_lose_this_land/ Latma

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